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Ways You Can Grow Your Creativity Using Crypto Guest Post

This post is about ways you can grow your creativity using cryptocurrency or token promotion. As a digital entrepreneur, blogger, and investor in the field of crypto, there are many ways I have discovered to be creative with cryptocurrencies. In this article I will be sharing some of my ideas on how you can do the same.

1. Hold an ICO for your company, crowdfunding project or a charity

One of the most creative ways a person can use cryptocurrency is by using it to fund their startup company. Just like any other capital raising method, you buy an idea and wait for it to grow. You can create an investment opportunity out of this by offering different stages of profit sharing along with your initial funding.

Cryptocurrency allows you to launch your own ICO or Initial Coin Offering whereby you retain the ownership of the initial funds raised and maintain control over them up till specified intervals in time. You have total control on how the funds are distributed in regard to management and marketing expenses, time on market and funds distribution into various departments or projects within your organization.

Why would anyone invest in an ICO over traditional capital raising methods? In the era of ICOs, almost all companies (both small and large) have used crowdfunding. Crowdfunding has become a recognized way of funding a startup. 

2. Take part in an ICO

The success of bitcoin and cryptos for manual link building is not the result of a single project. It is the result of many different projects working together towards a common goal. The same applies to ICOs as well.  By taking part in an ICO you are part of the cryptocurrency community and get to invest in new startups without any risk. You can benefit by seeing your investment grow and also by being part of what is currently considered as the most exciting cryptocurrency community.

I think you will agree when I say this, just because a coin is listed on an exchange does not make it worthwhile to invest in it. You need to do your research and make sure that the token or coin you are investing in is a credible project. You should also not be afraid to invest in coins with a lower market value because there is great potential for them to grow.

3. Create an ICO

If you have an idea and funding, you can venture into creating your own cryptocurrency-based business model. Not only can it help grow your business but it can also be another form of income for you. If the ICO is successful, your cryptocurrency will be listed on most exchanges which will attract more investors looking to buy the coin and hold it for long term investment (this will be discussed in a later section).

Why is it important to have your own ICO? If you are the owner of a business, it is not just about creating a good product or service but also creating value for yourself. Launching your own ICO will help your business grow faster and give more exposure to your business. It will also allow you to create a strong relationship with potential investors in the future as they invest in your other businesses as well. One of the biggest benefits is that you have full control over the funds that are raised and can use them any way you see fit. Site detail is here.

4. Create faucets

A faucet gives out small amounts of crypto for free which can be used by any user who needs it at that time. There are many faucets that give out a range of coins. Not only can you earn some small amounts of cryptos but you can also direct them to your favorite project or ICOs. As an investor, this is something you should take advantage of. You will help the project and also get some benefits in the process.

There are many faucets that give out crypto such as daily free bitcoin , coinspot (full list here ). By directing those coins to various projects and ICOs, you will be helping out projects who don’t have much funding from investors and can even earn some extra by giving them away for free.

5. Create a coin for your project and hold it for launch

When you have an idea for a crypto project, you can create and launch your own coin. Not only will it benefit the project itself but also the investors who are interested in your project. This means you can maintain total control over the coin after its launch (which may not be a long wait).

To do this you should follow these steps:

Register as a developer on an existing blockchain platform; to get started, use Ethereum. Learn how to build smart contracts and test them on testnets . 

Research which other coins already exist that fulfill your needs. Do some research on coins that are similar to yours. 

Create a whitepaper. Be as specific and clear as possible about the project’s objectives, its development path and what it will accomplish with its launch. 

Get a domain name . You can get one for free by sending an email to [email protected]

Pick a logo that is eye-catching and useful in attracting potential investors and creating great community branding effects you want. 

Start designing your coin’s website to help promote information about your coin (such as market cap, current/future plans, team members). 

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