Ultimate Guide: Anegan Songs Download


Are you a fan of the Tamil movie “Anegan”? Do you find yourself humming to the tunes of its mesmerizing songs? If yes, then you’re in the right place! In this comprehensive guide, we will explore everything you need to know about Anegan songs and how to download them to enjoy them at your leisure.

History of Anegan:

Released in 2015, “Anegan” is a Tamil film directed by K.V. Anand and produced by Kalpathi S Aghoram. The movie stars Dhanush, Amyra Dastur, and Karthik in lead roles. Anegan received critical acclaim for its unique storyline and captivating music. The songs of the movie were composed by Harris Jayaraj, a renowned music director in the Indian film industry.

Popular Anegan Songs:

  1. “Danga Maari Oodhari” – Sung by Dhanush and Marana Gana Viji, this peppy number became an instant hit among fans.

  2. “Roja Kadale” – This melodious track, sung by Shakthisree Gopalan and Keba Jeremiah, captured the hearts of many listeners.

  3. “Thodu Vaanam” – Sung by Hariharan, this soulful song is known for its beautiful lyrics and soothing melody.

How to Download Anegan Songs:

If you’re looking to download Anegan songs and create your own playlist, here are some popular methods to do so:

  1. Official Music Platforms: One of the easiest ways to download Anegan songs is through official music platforms like iTunes, Gaana, Saavn, and Wynk Music. Simply search for the album or specific songs from “Anegan” and follow the download instructions provided on the platform.

  2. YouTube Downloads: You can also download Anegan songs from YouTube using various online platforms or browser extensions. However, make sure to use legal and trustworthy sources to avoid any copyright infringement issues.

  3. Music Download Websites: There are several websites that offer free downloads of Tamil songs, including those from the movie “Anegan.” Websites like Masstamilan, Tamilanda, and Isaimini are popular choices for downloading Tamil music.

  4. Streaming Services: If you prefer to stream music rather than download it, platforms like Spotify, JioSaavn, and Amazon Music also offer the Anegan soundtrack for online listening. You can create playlists and save your favorite songs for offline listening too.

Legal Considerations:

When downloading Anegan songs or any other music, it’s important to consider copyright laws and respect the intellectual property rights of the artists and creators. Always download music from legal sources to ensure that you are supporting the artists and the music industry.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  1. Can I download Anegan songs for free?
  2. While there are websites that offer free downloads of Tamil songs, it is advisable to use legal platforms to download music to support the artists.

  3. Are Anegan songs available on popular music streaming platforms?

  4. Yes, you can find the Anegan soundtrack on platforms like Spotify, Gaana, and Saavn for online streaming.

  5. How can I create a playlist of Anegan songs on my music player?

  6. Once you have downloaded the Anegan songs, you can create a playlist on music players like iTunes, Windows Media Player, or VLC Media Player by selecting the songs and adding them to a new playlist.

  7. Can I listen to Anegan songs offline after downloading them?

  8. Yes, most music download platforms allow you to download songs for offline listening. Make sure to check the specific platform’s instructions for offline playback.

  9. Is it legal to download Anegan songs from YouTube?

  10. While downloading songs from YouTube is possible, it may not always be legal. It’s best to use official music platforms or websites to download Anegan songs to avoid any copyright issues.


In conclusion, Anegan songs have captured the hearts of many music lovers with their catchy tunes and soul-stirring lyrics. By following the methods mentioned in this guide, you can easily download and enjoy these songs to relive the magic of the movie whenever you want. Remember to respect copyright laws and support the artists by downloading music from legitimate sources. Enjoy the music!

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