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The Top Tools to Create PDF Templates for Free

Are you looking for an Blank Pdf Template? Check out these easy-to-use applications and Software

Creator or PDF Template Download Software:

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • JotForm
  • PDF-XChange Editor
  • PDF Candy
  • The Lumin PDF

Why Do These Programs/Apps Exist? :

  • A mixture of premium and free
  • More than 1,000 ready-to-download forms for every occasion
  • Edit, create, or annotate and sign most of them.
  • Merging and splitting made simple
  • Cross-compatibility of many kinds of file formats and platforms

A professional, high-quality PDF document can be a essential requirement in the digital age. PDFs can make life simpler for many users due to their ability to compress huge volumes of text into a single document. They also make it simpler to edit, create and transfer important documents.

If you require an urgent PDF document and easy, you can make one, provided you know how to do it with esta herramienta. If you’re looking for something quick and simple to create, the Free PDF Templates will help you create impressive PDF templates for business and marketing proposal templates or even simple business proposals or whatever else you require.

Adobe PDF templates and tools to Create PDF Forms

The tools listed below start with the basics such as offering various pre-designed PDF templates. Some allow users to alter the templates to suit their requirements whether cutting, merging, split and annotation features. The majority of them are free , however there are some premium versions that include upgraded features . The tools and features are free will be mentioned in every review.

Adobe Acrobat Suite

PDF Tools for Beginning and Professionals

The creator of the original PDF file format Adobe has a range of types of software that can be used to in creating, editing and merge PDF files , from Adobe Acrobat Reader. From the initial Adobe Acrobat Reader and up the premium versions such as Adobe Acrobat Pro. The user should select the best program out of the Adobe Acrobat arsenal based on the requirements they have. Free Adobe Acrobat Reader is available through the site of the company. It lets users edit, view and print files created using PDF format, and also provides ready-made templates. Premium versions are accessible for those who use PDF formats frequently and include additional options like scanning PDFs, and importing them into other programs as well as the ability to create editable PDFs right from scratch.


  • The suite includes a variety of packages at various prices.
  • Many cross-compatibility features with applications and programs.
  • The most widely-used and universally used PDF tool is the most widely-used and universally used.
  • Many capabilities, including editing making, signing, notating, etc.


Easy-to-Use Online-Form Builder

JotForm is an online application that offers thousands of accessible templates, which are already pre-designed with a variety of formats for files that include but not limited to PDFs. The website is interactive since users are able to upload their own designs in various formats to allow everyone to use. JotForm provides a no-cost beginning version for those who are just starting out. Other premium versions include enhancements to the basic features of the initial. Other versions are color-graded with bronze, silver and gold variants, with gold being the top-of-the-line. Its tools include the PDF editor and reader, and the Smart PDF Reader that lets users convert different types of files into PDF , and improve the amount of interaction they can have with these files.


  • Integration with more than 100 platform (Google Sheets, Drive Sheets, Dropbox)
  • An extensive selection of pre-made templates and forms (more when you have access to premium versions)
  • Templates and forms vary from medical forms to contracts , and other official forms.
  • Edit, read, or add annotations and fill in a variety of online file formats including PDFs.

Editor for PDF-XChange

A PDF Reader with Feature-Rich Features and Editor

The PDF-XChange Editor evolved from the initial program, known as known as the XChange Reader that only lets users browse PDF documents. Like the name suggests, it’s the XChange Editor lets users do more than just open PDFs. The Editor is the form of a free download however there are premium versions of the program that users are able to purchase. This Editor Plus version allows users to design or edit form fillables which can be distributed widely. The Editor Basic version still provides numerous features such as reading, editing and correction of text, as being able to include different types of images including charts and graphics to photos. It also has an option to recognize texts in the basic version, but only in only a few languages, however, the Pro version lets you access more languages.


  • The base package includes numerous features such as editing writing, editing, and corrections
  • The basic package allows you to add images
  • Text recognition feature in English, Spanish, German (more languages in Pro version)
  • Pro version lets users create editable PDF forms

PDF Candy

Premium Online PDF Tools

PDF Candy offers a sizable number of options to edit, read annotation, conversion of PDFs and other formats of files. PDF Candy, however, only has these features available in paid monthly, yearly, or annual subscription plans. There aren’t any Free versions available of the program however, the basic plan is just $6 to register. There are numerous options included in the basic plan, including editing highlight, writing as well as editing and highlighting PDFs. Converting documents into a multitude of formats is also included prominently in the PDF Candy’s options. Users have the option of choosing from different platforms, including Google Docs, Sheets, and even HTML to convert to PDFs or directly from PDFs.


  • The paid basic package is available editing and merging, cropping and compressing PDF files.
  • Paid packages unlock 44 different PDF tools
  • Conversion features for files are available to various formats
  • Desktop version available for Microsoft Windows

Illumina PDF

A Simple and Quick Method of Managing PDF Files

The Lumin PDF is a simple PDF editor and reader that supports cross-compatibility with different document platforms , including Google Docs and Word. It also integrates to storage platforms such as Google Drive and Dropbox so users can save, share and access their files on various devices. It is available as a no-cost download, however it also has premium editions which unlock additional features such as OCR Text Recognition, editing PDF formats, and the capability to scan documents and convert them into PDF. Users who are registered can use the Lumin mobile application to gain access to even more documents and edit them at any time.


  • Simple Integration with different document platforms
  • The ability to access or edit files from any location via a mobile application
  • Highlight, edit and highlight with the free basic program

Premium version of the software allows the creation of PDFs and recognition of text

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