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The Cost of the Dental Veneers – Is It Reasonably Priced for All?

The popular lifestyle magazines and films have created a certain standard of beauty and look. People can experiment with their looks and arrive at one that works for them. They can’t do the same for their teeth. It is either clean or stained, damaged or in good shape, aligned or not. Many people suffer from teeth stains and delicate tooth structure that is beyond repair. For them, the dental veneers work best. It helps them to cover their dental flaws and allows them to create a stylish look by having a gorgeous smile. 

What is a dental veneer?

Dental veneers are a well-known cosmetic dentistry process that enables them to enhance their look. It is a tooth-colored, wafer-thin shell that gets attached to the teeth’ surface to enhance aesthetics. One of the common kinds of dental veneers gets made using porcelain. 

If you wish to opt-in for this cosmetic dental process, an essential thing to consider is the cost of the veneer application. You don’t have a catch-all, single price for the veneers. In this article, we will delve into the average expense of the veneers and also consider multiple factors which help them to decide the cost for the patients. 

Simply put, dental veneers are a good choice for the people who have broken or chipped teeth, suffer from extreme discoloration, have gaps in their teeth, extremely small teeth, and pointed teeth. Once you learn about the cost of the veneers, you can plan about your dental treatment better. A best Melville, Long Island dentist is the ideal one to guide you on the overall process and also ensure that you are clean and what you can expect from them and the treatment process. 

The average price of the dental veneers

Today, people who need dental veneers have different dental conditions. Each person is different. Hence arriving at an exact cost is a tad bit complicated. However, when you look at what the dental clinics in the United States have to offer, you will find that the cost varies somewhere between $800 and $2500. On an average, the dental veneers will last anything between 5 and 20 years. It depends on the type and the way you take care of it. 

The factors determining the dental veneer cost

You first need to consider the number of veneers you require. A few patients might require a single veneer to cover one broken or chipped tooth. On the other hand, another patient might need a few more veneer to correct their smile. They might decide to opt-in for almost 6 to 8 veneers. The most popular option for veneer is the front eight teeth at the top row of the teeth. Here the veneer application is highly visible. 

The dental porcelain is the most prominent choice for dental veneers and for a good reason. When you compare it to the composite resin, the porcelain veneers are highly durable, long-lasting, and stain resistant. It is counted as a popular solution. It is very easy on the gumline in comparison to the composite resin material. 

The type of dental veneer you select will affect the treatment cost. Some of the best benefits of the porcelain veneer include the following:

  • It can last for almost 20 years
  • Less invasive in comparison to other veneers
  • Strong and durable
  • Stain-resistant
  • Bio-compatible
  • Resistant to fractures, chips and breakage

Dental veneers are made using many layers of the pressed porcelain, providing a sparkle for a long time. 

During the treatment, sedation plays a crucial part for patients who have anxiety and are nervous about the treatment. The preparation might include very less discomfort. However, the total process is highly simple and one can use dental sedation based on the patient’s requirement. Since, this service is not added to the treatment’s upfront cost, there is a chance that it will add to the total cost. Several patients are interested in mixing dental veneers with various treatments, for instance, gum contouring. It is necessary to keep in mind that various other services include extra costs. 

Is it wise to invest in dental veneers?

It is true that dental veneers have an increased cost in comparison to various other cosmetic processes. However, it is a good investment for the ones who need it. The dental veneer is a very easy process; you can enhance the smile’s appearance using a single treatment. The veneers are a cosmetic restoration process that looks natural and is widely available. 

Today, several patients can say yes to the dental veneers. The ones who have a tooth stain and discoloration issue, can choose this treatment and get fixed. Others who have misaligned, damaged, or even unusually shaped teeth can get benefited from dental veneers. People with a bright small are known for their confidence. They can create an impact on other people’s life. Once you say yes to this treatment, you will become a more social and outgoing person. And that will help you to attain balance and happiness in your life. 

According to some of the popular researches, people with a nice smile who aren’t shy to flaunt it are often considered very successful, not just in their careers but also in their personal relationships. Several Americans say no to dating because they aren’t happy with their unaesthetic teeth. The dental veneers can work as a great solution for them. It will not just address the issue at hand but will also ensure that you have a smile that you are happy and confident about. 

Finally, the cost of the dental veneers will vary in different clinics. Research and find out the standard rate in your city and state. It will ensure that you aren’t paying an extra price for the treatment. Also, ensure that you don’t fall prey to the too-good-to-be-true deals that might hurt your dental structure altogether. Often people fall for such deals and harm their dental health altogether. Getting in touch with an expert dentist is a must here. 


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