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The best bath lighting ideas for the season

bath lighting

Your bathroom is one of the spaces where illumination is key given the functionality aspect. For years, bathroom lighting has been very monotonous and boring but it’s recently that lighting layouts for this space have become a beautiful canvas where you can play with as many ideas as you want. Be it modern, contemporary, rustic, vintage, transitional or traditional, you can literally incorporate any theme and design language into your bathroom with a plethora of options that are available in the market. 

While the key focus should be on giving the space optimum illumination, you have to make sure that the space isn’t too loud or too cluttered. Bathrooms are generally compact and all you have to do is maintain uniformity of lighting throughout the space. Now don’t sweat it out as we bring to you the finest lighting ideas that can amp up your bath spaces and leave you feeling bliss for the entire day to come. 

1. Recessed lighting designs

Recessed lighting designs can light up every nook and corner of your bathroom and they’re just amazing primary lighting sources meant for the space. These lighting fixtures, also called focus lights, create a stunning ambience in the space and offer a soft illumination to increase the functionality by multitudes. 

You can go with flush mounted ceiling lights as they are quite easily available and easy to install too. And given their build, you can quite easily refresh the look of bathroom as much as you want to. You can go for any LED ceiling lights priced reasonably as long as you like the design style. 

2. Multi-pronged lighting designs

Given the space available and the functionality desired, you could go with a three-prong or a four-prong chandelier or a pendant light for your bathroom. This is the best alternative to track lighting given the requirement and the space available. You not only enhance the look and feel of your space but add unmatched general lighting to your bathroom. 

If a chandelier feels too loud for the space, go ahead with a cluster pendant light as it creates a stunning focal point in your space and makes it as functional as you can imagine. A cluster pendant light is quite easy to find and it doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket when you plan the lighting layout of your bathroom. 

3. LED strip lights for your mirrors

This is the most underrated design element that most of the bathrooms miss out on. Not only do LED strip lights add depth to your bathroom, they make it much more functional. And don’t forget the part that they accentuate the entire design of your bathroom by a stunning margin. LED lighting strips are easy to find and it’s not just mirrors that you can use them for. You can also highlight other elements of your bathroom too. Stick an LED strip light under your countertop and see the magic. 

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