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Team building in Krakow – corporate event doesn’t have to be boring!

A team building is an event for employees that aims to integrate, get to know each other better, and strengthen ties. In addition, it has a positive effect on increasing engagement and attachment to the company. If you are about to organize such an event, answer a few questions so that you can organize an unforgettable team-building event.

Team building in Krakow – why is it worth it?

The first question you should ask yourself should be about where our event should take place. Often, organizers decide on weekend trips out of town or even trips to another country. Don’t know which city to choose for your team building? Krakow is an excellent choice! Why? It is a beautiful city, well connected with other places in the country as well as the airport. It has a large train and bus station. Krakow is a tourist city, so we will have no problem talking in a language other than Polish. And most importantly, Krakow is simply extraordinary. A multitude of tourist attractions, monuments, beautiful streets and unique places makes it visited every year by a huge number of tourists from Poland and abroad. The team building in Krakow is a great idea for a weekend full of impressions, as well as getting to know the history and charms of the city.

Team building activities Krakow – where to start?

If you are planning a longer trip related to the integration event in Krakow, it is worth making the most of that time. The evening is worth spending exploring the nightlife of the city, and the day for sightseeing and walks. While in Krakow we must see the Wawel Royal Castle, Cloth Hall, and Old Town, listen to the hail from the St. Mary’s Tower, and eat “obwarzanek” in the market square. During the walk, we can’t miss the Krakow’s Planty Park and the Vistula boulevards. It is also worth seeing Krakow’s Kazimierz with its many beautiful and mysterious places. It is a great opportunity to integrate, talk and spend time together in an unusual way. In Krakow, there is no shortage of charming cafes with delicious breakfasts and interesting restaurants.

What attractions to organize during a team building in Krakow?

An evening is a great opportunity to organize unusual activities, during which all participants will have fun. In Krakow you will not complain about boredom, there are many places with unusual attractions for groups. One of them is the shooting range. You think shooting is typically a man’s pastime? Nothing could be more wrong. More and more ladies and even whole families with children appear at the shooting range. Above all, it’s good and safe fun for people of all ages. No doubt, game and movie lovers will enjoy it the most, but there is something for everyone. Going out to the shooting range during the team building in Krakow is a guarantee of good fun and excellent humor. You can’t only learn how to use weapons but also organize competitions for the best shooter.

Cracow Shooting Academy is the best idea for team building in Krakow

Don’t know which shooting range in Krakow to choose for an integration party? Cracow Shooting Academy. This is a Kraków shooting range, distinguished by its excellent location, a huge number of positive marks, and an experienced instructor staff. Cracow Shooting Academy is easily accessible from the city center by public transport. You can also contact the shooting range and ask to arrange a bus. Experienced staff will wait for you on-site to take care of the training and your safety. Each participant in the integration event receives protective glasses and headphones. Cracow Shooting Academy offers a wide selection of weapons, including pistols, rifles, and shotguns. These are not air rifles or ASG replicas, but real sports and combat weapons – the same as the military or police are equipped with. Each participant shoots under the watchful eye of the instructor. You can end your fun with a commemorative photo.

Why is the shooting range a good idea for team building in Krakow?

Shooting a gun is a great pastime for everyone. Both for amateurs and people who have already dealt with weapons. A large dose of adrenaline and a positive atmosphere will set you up for the rest of the evening. This is a great idea for an integration party, thanks to which you will see yourself from a new, hitherto unfamiliar side.


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