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Smiling globetrotter travels the world

Is it possible to travel around the world for 10 years, without having to buy airline tickets and rent hotels? The extraordinary story of the smallest smiling traveler shows that it is possible. Interesting facts ciekawostki about the Happy Skyscraper.

Long journeys with a smile

To date, Happy Skyscraper has been photographed in 700 cities, in 70 countries, on all continents. His first trip in 2012 was supposed to be a one-time happening of a group of friends. The toothpaste box was covered with paper, a lot of symbolic eyes and a logo with a smile were added. The “skyscraper” prepared in this way participated in a photo session in Manhattan, New York City. In a place where skyscrapers stand, but much larger than the smallest skyscraper in the world – Happy Skyscraper.

The smiling skyscraper is a symbol of the Good Humor Party – an international organization. It was established in Poland in 2001. Party membership fee is 3 smiles per day. So far, none of the several thousand members have complained that the fee is too high.

Good Humor Party and its founder

You will surely find a lot of information about an organization that wants to cheer up the world. Its founder is Szczepan Sadurski – a well-known Polish satirist. His drawings are published in newspapers, he creates illustrations for books, he is also an event caricaturist. He is invited to corporate and private events and still draws smiling faces. He is called one of the fastest caricaturists in the world. It takes him 100 seconds or less to create one caricature!

Out of hundreds of cities in which the Happy Skyscraper was photographed, we present below a few destinations. Read what cities the smiling traveler visited.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lupur, the largest city (1.6 million inhabitants) of Malaysia, a country on the Asian continent. Probably the most famous building in this country is the Petronas Tower. Its two towers are 452 meters high, making them the tallest buildings in the world. No wonder that it was in front of the Petronas Tower that the Happy Skyscraper was photographed

We would like to add that before the smiling traveler visited Malaysia, he was photographed last week in Kielce (Poland), Wirtenberg (Germany), Kingston upon Thames and London (Great Britain) and in Treviso (Italy).

Ashheim, Germany

Aschheim, a town with 8,000 inhabitants, is located 10 kilometers from the center of the large city of Munich. The Happy Skyscraper visited this place unexpectedly. Members of the Good Humor Party, driving a car, decided to avoid a traffic jam on the highway! It turned out that very close to the restaurant where they stopped, there is the town hall of the city and municipality of Aschheim. Also a pole in the colors of the town with its coat of arms. Should have taken advantage of it! Since the president of the party did not have the Happy Skyscraper with him, he quickly made it out of cardboard, drawing windows and a smile with a pen. We hope that this extraordinary visit brought smiles and happiness to the people of Aschheim.

Kingston upon Thames, United Kingdom

In the 10th century, which is a very long time ago, British kings were crowned here, later a royal palace was built here. Currently, this city is part of the London agglomeration. We add one more important event to the list of interesting historical events of Kingston upon Thames. The smallest traveler in the world – Happy Skyscraper – was photographed here.

Information about the travels of Happy Skyscraper can be found at: DobryHumor.pl, Sadurski.com and SuperPolonia.info.

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