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Amazon is a renowned e-commerce and tech giant and its shares have seen historical levels. The vagaries of the market contribute to the dwindling rise in any share. Sometimes some temporary factors are suppressing a particular share price. However, amazon’s share price has seen a fluctuation and now is again on the rise. With a trade record of approximately one trillion, the company enjoys a huge stock following and tracking. While trading in shares you must be aware of these ups and downs and be ready to embrace them alike. Let us understand the reasons to stay invested and further put money in amazon shares:

  1. Ecommerce Market Scenario: Looking at the market scenario, ecommerce has seen a setback. However, it is bouncing back with a boom. The recent trends have been disheartening for the investors and stockholders alike, and add to the frustration. It is advisable to look at the bright side as it is stock which is well-priced. Though with the change in purchasing methods, a sudden downfall has been observed all across, it is not a permanent state. 
  2. Well-Organized Services: Amazon is known for its service quality which makes it a rock star. Due to the macroeconomic headwinds leading the customers to control their spending, the growth showed signs of slowing a bit. The Amazon Web Series is a profitable company and has an amazing annual run rate.
  3. Customer Loyalty Program: Amazon runs one of the most successful loyalty programs for its customers, which helps build goodwill and long-term relationships. This greatly helps in the success of the e-commerce business. The advertising business operated by Amazon is booming as the revenues have jumped by about thirty per cent. 
  4. Leadership: The leadership at Amazon has undergone some changes but continues to get inputs and this would make the business more profitable. The company has been investing from a long-term perspective to earn profits. 
  5. Economic Rebound: The economic rebound will have a positive effect as Amazon is a recession-proof company and has built its sales primarily on discretionary products along with cloud infrastructure and advertising. 
  6. Well-Priced Stock &Competitive Advantage: Despite the valuation metrics, the share price of Amazon is worthy of consideration as it has high expectations for the future. By introducing a new ‘Buy with Prime’ program, Amazon has gained a competitive edge over other players. The vast scope based on its network of warehouses, customer satisfaction index and dominance in the US market all contribute to reinstating the faith and trust of the investors. 

Amazon has been experimenting with plenty of ideas and expecting a good yield of results. Unlike unconventional retailers, Amazon offers a ‘Just Walk Out’ policy which allows customers to shop at convenience. These inventions and experiments are vital to its existence and a part of its corporate culture. The amazon share price will surely spring back and gain new heights. So be ready to reap the benefits of your investments and speculations by investing through 5 paisa. As you decide to park your money in Amazon stocks, you will see the advantage of choosing this stock in the long run.


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