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Make Your Open Kitchen Space Functional and Spacious – The Smart Ideas to Consider

Do you want an open space when you cook? Do you want your home to give out a welcoming vibe? If yes, then you need to install an open kitchen décor. The open kitchen space is apt for entertaining and it enables the house to flow from one space to the other. But before you remove the walls and open up the kitchen space, it is essential to make the design choices about the storage and room flow. 

Do you want to give your kitchen space a new look with a few tweaks here and there? Or do you wish to remodel your entire kitchen space completely? In both situations, you can choose to implement the open kitchen décor. Are you thinking about how to go about it? If yes, here are a few ideas to help you accomplish this kitchen décor style. 

  • Go ahead and create zones

While the open kitchen space needs to flow to the other rooms, you can resort to subtle designs and details that enable you to distinguish every space and make it look unique. If you want, you can select a stunning area rug that can act as the visual divider for developing a separate eating and living space in the floor plan. If there is a change in the pendant lighting, it will help create zones. The pendants atop the kitchen island are very different from those in the dining space lighting. It provides a subtle visual hint that all these rooms, are different despite being located closely. 

  • It would help if you opened the kitchen outside of the house

While the conventional floor plan of the open kitchen generally indicates that the room is all available to accommodate an eat-in space, it’s always a wise decision to take the design outside. Are you planning to redesign this space and then open the kitchen to the external area? If yes, then this twist in the kitchen space provides you with increased square footage. It can also help to create a room located outside the kitchen with big windows that can open wide and help you add the outdoor-indoor serving bar. 

  • You can add more texture

When you add texture to the kitchen space, you must select the correct accent colors. If you want, you can add the bamboo shades on your windows and natural wood on stools for adding an interesting visual. It will prevent the room from appearing flat. Also, the natural textures help in keeping this room more exciting and welcoming. Since you will work with limited wall space in the open kitchen, the texture will have to get layered onto the furniture and the items you showcase inside the room. 

  • You can say yes to a stunning kitchen sink

Sinks are an integral part of your kitchen. The same holds true even when you are designing an open kitchen. You need to select a sink in a way that will add more class and sophistication to the open kitchen décor. It’s equally essential for the sink to do its work effectively, else it will be a futile investment. Choose a sophisticated kitchen sink color that will enhance the ambiance of your kitchen. Ensure you select a sink that blends in well with the décor and does its function correctly. 

  • You can repeat the design elements

Even when there are zero walls between other rooms and your kitchen space, all these spaces can appear to be disjointed. But when you add a repeated design detail, it can help the rooms appear and feel connected visually. If you want, you can use the waterfall countertops, pendant lighting on your island, and the eat-in space. You also have the option to repeat this to connect the spaces. When it comes to your house, you might make it appear more subtle along with repeated textures, colors, and décor. 

  • You can do away with the cabinets

The floor-to-ceiling cabinetry doesn’t need to clutter the kitchen space. It should not also subtract from the design. Instead, you should say yes to open-shelving to choose a customized look. Additionally, the bottom cabinets get blended with black iron shelves atop, which can provide your open kitchen space with a more industrial and modern look. That aside, you shouldn’t allow the island to be a big wood block. Go ahead and make the space beneath the island countertop worth of good storage usage along with shelves and drawers. 

  • You can add more to the island

Rather than pushing a couple of chairs inside the kitchen island, you can place this essential thing at work, loading all the must-have items inside the island. Also, a sink, meal prep space, and cooktop atop the island can help to make this corner multifunctional. If you want, you can add a dishwasher, beverage fridge, microwave, and a few distinctive storage solutions that can free up the space in the kitchen. It will help in totally transforming the kitchen island. 

  • You can open up the small space

The kitchens that have minimal square footage will always benefit from an open kitchen décor. That aside, pulling down the wall can occupy two choppy rooms and develop a bigger livable space. Every design element you get to use in the big open kitchen spaces will also work for the smaller ones, provided you plan it correctly. But you must select the décor and furniture with a smaller footprint to not overwhelm the space. 

Finally, you need to realize that while the majority of the open-concept designs come with a modern-day feel, it doesn’t indicate that you don’t have the option to welcome an inviting and open pattern at an eclectic house. You can arrange your kitchen space to project a distinct personality and exhibit the open-kitchen qualities usually seen in minimalistic homes. So, embrace these ideas to create an open kitchen space that will provide a new look and character to your kitchen and welcome various guests. 


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