chennai flooding photos

Chennai flooding: This was the worst flood to hit the city in almost 40 years. It left thousands of people homeless and caused damage to homes and businesses.

The official state and civic bodies, the Tamil Nadu government and the Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority have all declared a disaster in the wake of the flood, but it’s still unclear what will happen to the city and whether the state government will help the victims.

There are so many photos that I just can’t include all of them here, so I’ll just highlight a few. One of the worst is this one. The state government in Tamil Nadu is saying that a few of the areas have been declared as “priority areas” while the rest of the city is being evacuated. However, the flood itself is a disaster.

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The game is not a very good one, and its actually a little bit too similar to Killer Instinct for my taste. It is also very similar to the Killer Instinct games that came before it. But its also a lot more fun than you would expect of a game that just wants to kill people. You will see in our recent article that the developers of chennai flooding are not going to make the series a very good game.

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