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Cartagena Dreams: Renting Boats and Villas with Aldaba Selection


Cartagena city is the gem of Colombia’s Caribbean coast. Here, tourists get the perfect vacation experience on its islands and beaches. This tourist paradise is a gateway for unforgettable luxury vacations. Here, people enjoy the breathtaking coastal vistas and vibrant culture. Nowadays, many tourists are planning their Cartagena trip with Aldaba Selection. They stand out as Cartagena’s most trusted concierge, property rental, and events company. 

It is a company that specializes in high-end boat and villa rentals. They ensure a dreamlike escape in this enchanting city. In this article, we will talk about the process of chartering your dream sea trip and stay in Cartagena with Aldaba Selection: 

The Allure of Cartagena

Cartagena is a city on Colombia’s Caribbean coast. This city has hit a record of more than 4.5 million international visitors in 2022. Also, it is among the best places to visit in Central and South America. Visitors come to this city for its colonial architecture, UNESCO World Heritage sites, and warm Caribbean waters. Here, tourists can explore several islands that are paradises for true rest. 

Among these are Tierra Bomba Island, Múcura Islan, and Barú Island. Cartagena offers pristine beaches and vibrant culture. These beaches cater to those who seek relaxation or water sports. It makes Cartagena a prime location for luxury vacations. 

Experiencing Cartagena with Aldaba Selection

Aldaba Selection is famous as Cartagena’s most trusted concierge, property rental, and events company. They ensure that every aspect of your holiday is taken care of in Cartagena. Aldaba Selection meets the unique needs of its clients, whether it’s a family trip, a bachelor/bachelorette party, or a friends’ reunion. 

They handle all the logistics, including bookings, transfers, and schedules. Also, travelers can enjoy the best of Cartagena through their boat and villa rental services. The team at Aldaba Selection is passionate about travel and hospitality. 

Boat Rentals by Aldaba Selection

Aldaba Selection provides a range of boats for an unforgettable sea trip in Cartagena. Their Boat Rentals Cartagena services allow travelers to explore Cartagena’s coastal wonders. Also, it grants guests access to a host of inclusive features. Each charter includes complimentary drinks, ice-stocked coolers, and transportation as standard. They also offer additional services like on-board DJ, beach-side lunch reservations, or on-board catering. 

Also, travelers can escape the crowds on a catamaran tour. Sip cocktails, sunbathe, and snorkel while enjoying serene views through Aldaba Selection’s boat rental services. Depart from Cartagena’s dock and explore Isla Grande and Cholón.

Boats Available for Rent

Below, you can check some of the available boats for rent by Aldaba  

  1. The Lagoon 40’: Accommodates 18 people, 40 feet long with 4 bathrooms and 4 suites. Starting from $1,995.
  2. Leopard 43’: Fits 25 people, 43 feet long with 3 bathrooms and 3 suites. Rental starts from $2,750.
  3. Maxicat: A large option for 38 people, 60 feet long with 2 bathrooms and 2 suites. Available from $4,745.

Villa Rentals by Aldaba Selection

Aldaba Selection offers a curated selection of luxury villas and apartments along Colombia’s Caribbean Coast. You can rent a villa after a day at sea. Aldaba Selection provides an exclusive villa rental experience with attentive personnel to ensure a seamless stay. 

Aldaba Selection’s luxury villas offer comfort, privacy, and stunning views. Whether you prefer the historic charm of a colonial mansion or the modern elegance of a beachfront property, there’s a villa to suit every taste.  

Villas for Rent

Below, you can check some of the available villas for rent by Aldaba:  

  1. La Dominica: A stylish and luxurious option for those seeking an elegant stay.
  2. Casa Mayor: Combines colonial charm with modern amenities for a comfortable vacation.
  3. Casa del Mango: Offers a tropical retreat with lush gardens and private pools.


Choosing Aldaba Selection for your Cartagena visit means opting for expertise and luxury. They provide an all-in-one experience, leaving you free to enjoy the best of Cartagena. Let Aldaba Selection be your partner in crafting an unforgettable experience as you plan your next luxury vacation in Cartagena.

From chartering exquisite boats to indulging in opulent villa rentals, Aldaba Selection ensures that every moment spent in Cartagena is nothing short of magical. Prepare to be captivated by the magic of Cartagena with Aldaba Selection at your side.

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