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A Guide to Using Eye Roll-Ons

Eye Roll-Ons

The eyes don’t lie, especially in the morning. If you’ve ever woken up with puffiness, dark circles, or fine lines, your body may tell you your skin needs a little boost. The skin around the eyes is especially delicate, so it’s usually the first to show symptoms of distress in the morning. Fortunately, you can stop these symptoms by adding just one more product to your morning routine.

What Causes Dark Circles and Puffiness?

Genetics, poor sleep and dehydration can all contribute to unwanted undereye symptoms. Ageing is another important factor. As you age, the skin around your eyes becomes thinner and loses elasticity. As a result, blood vessels become more visible, exacerbating dark circles. Thinner skin is also more reactive to fluid buildup, contributing to puffiness.

What Is an Eye Roll-On?

Eye roll-ons, or eye rollers, are skincare products that contain serums with soothing ingredients like peptides, softeners, and antioxidants. The serums are applied via roller ball, hence the name. The best eye roll-ons will have a jade or metal roller ball, which stays cooler at room temperature than other materials.

Benefits of Eye Roll-Ons

The most obvious benefit of eye roll-ons is the hands-free convenience. Instead of dabbing eye cream onto your skin with your ring finger, you can roll the product over your skin for instantly refreshed eyes. Also, the design of the applicator allows you to break down fluid and stimulate circulation safely. Attempting this with your fingers does more harm than good because you have to push and pull at this delicate area to achieve the same result. Considering this, an edgeless, spherical roller ball is gentler and a lot more effective.

If you need an eye roll on for puffy eyes, look for a product with a jade or metal ball. The cooling effect will reduce inflammation and swelling and constrict blood vessels, all of which will help improve puffiness. Applicator aside, the serum contained in the tube has both therapeutic and preventative effects. Treating your eyes with a serum every morning can revitalize tired eyes and help fight the early signs of ageing.

How to Use an Eye Roll-On

The first step is to start with clean skin. After waking up, wash your face with your cleanser of choice. Then, glide the eye roll-on in the area under each eye, making sure to angle the tube downward to release the serum onto your skin. Rolling horizontally and vertically is beneficial, applying just enough pressure to massage the area gently. Then, give yourself around two minutes to allow the serum to get absorbed by your skin before moving on to the next step in your regular skincare routine.

Most eye roll-ons are safe to use every day. However, they aren’t recommended for use on the actual eyelid. This is because the serum can get into your eyes and irritate them. If you want a product for ageing eyelids, consider a gel or cream-based product instead.

Serum Ingredients to Look For in Eye Roll-Ons

Retinol, peptides, and niacinamide are popular, FDA-approved ingredients that prevent fine lines, wrinkles, and age-related hyperpigmentation. However, retinol is known to increase sensitivity to the sun. If you choose a product containing retinol as a main ingredient, it’s recommended to use it only at nighttime and avoid direct sun exposure.

You might benefit from a serum containing caffeine or green tea extract as a main ingredient for depuffing. For brighter eyes, vitamin C, vitamin E, and plant extracts are healing ingredients that can bring the glow back to your skin. However, if you have ageing skin, hyaluronic acid or glycerin can have a plumping effect by boosting hydration in the area.

Put Your Best Face Forward

The best part about eye roll-ons is that you can use them anytime, anywhere. They are compact enough to fit in your medicine cabinet, purse, or pocket. At the same time, they deliver powerful healing in a small package. Whether your eyes look tired from a poor night’s sleep or a long day at work, you’ll get instant rejuvenation in one simple step.

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