what’s the capital of pakistan

Pakistan is a country that has a history that is as complicated as any other country in the world. It has a rich history, but it’s also one of the most complex countries in the world – a country with a mix of the most diverse cultures. Whether you are a student dreaming of studying abroad, or an engineer building a new company, Pakistan is a place that you will want to know all about.

Pakistan has three languages that are spoken on the streets, one of which is Urdu. It also has hundreds of dialects of Indian languages, which is how the majority of Pakistanis are able to communicate with each other. And let’s not forget the Pakistani military, which is one of the oldest fighting forces of the world.

Pakistan has a rich culture, history, and heritage. It is one of the most diverse countries in the world, with an extraordinary amount of languages, ethnicities, and religions. All of which are just as fascinating as the culture itself, and the diversity is truly what makes these places so exciting. And then there is the way that the Pakistanis are so politically and socially equal.

Pakistan is a country ruled by the House of Baloch, a dynasty that is thought to have originated in the 13th century. The house is considered to be one of the oldest families in the country, and the Baloch are considered to be one of the most noble families of the world. They are proud of their history and their traditions, and feel that they share many of the same values, beliefs, and morals as their fellow citizens.

The reason that Pakistan is a nation ruled by the House of Baloch (hence the name of Pakistan) is that it has more than one noble family. The word Baloch includes more than two generations of Baloch, or descendants of them. They can be called clan names, and all of them have family names.

The word Baloch means “people who live in the hills,” which is why they use the word, Baloch, the word for “mountain.” The word is also used to refer to the mountains themselves, and the people who live there.

The first family to rule in Pakistan is that of Baloch, descendants of the people who lived in the mountains. This family ruled on and off for over a hundred years until 1948, when the British came and declared the area to be part of India. This is where the term “Balochistan” came from, as it’s a word that has a lot of connotations. The word, which is used in a lot of words, refers to a people or place.

Balochistan is one of the most remote regions in Pakistan. It’s a mountainous land of the same name, and the people are mostly from the lower slopes of the mountains. The population is mainly Muslim and Hindu. The people of this region are quite peaceful compared to other parts of Pakistan, and this is because of the mountains, which are always covered in snow during the winter. The people of this region have a relatively rich history.

Now there are some people in Balochistan who believe that the capital of Pakistan should be in the capital city of India. Not that that will stop the Pakistani army from trying to seize the city of Islamabad.

The capital of Pakistan, Islamabad, is one of the oldest cities in the world. It was founded in 1807 as an imperial city for the British, and in 1879, it was declared a city of the province of Sindh. In the 1980s, Pakistan became a Republic, with the capital of Islamabad as its new capital. As a result, the majority of the people in the rest of Pakistan live in rural areas.

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