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Top 5 Courses to Improve Writing Skills

Writing Skills

Effective writing goes beyond the basic writing you learn in the classroom.  Though you can not do without these basics as they will make it easier when you want to improve your writing skills. 

And you do not have to be an Art or English major before you think of improving your writing skills, as you will need to learn good essay writing for your writing projects if you are not using online writing services. 

And the writing skills will come in handy when you want to write cover letters, business proposals, application letters, and other forms of writing you will need beyond college. So, taking online writing courses is an excellent way to advance your writing skills.

Here is a list of the best online courses to improve writing services. 

English Writing  and Composition Course (Arizona State University via edX)

This course is an 8-week college-level course, and it aims to help students develop their English language for writing projects. So, you will learn how to research, design, develop, and execute all processes involved in writing a piece. 

It contains details on how to write an essay from inception to how to conclude it. And you will learn effective communication, how to express your ideas, and convey your knowledge to the readers of your piece.

Also, the course does not only teach writing for a specific audience but also the different casual and professional audiences.  

Professor Duane Roen teaches the course, and you can be assured that you will get as much value in the course as possible. To enroll in the course, you must have at least an equivalent high school student foundation in grammar. 

Verb Tenses and Passives (the University of California, Irvine via Coursera)

The course is for those who want to perfect their grammar in terms of tenses and punctuation. You will learn all the principles of tenses you learned in the beginning, the  ones you do not know about, and how to use them in well-constructed  

The course covers all the 12 English verb tenses and their passive forms. You can apply to take the accessible version of the course, where you will have access to all handouts and instructional videos of the course. But you will not have access to the quizzes and peer feedback as they are only available in the paid version. 

You can finish the whole course in approximately 25 hours. And the course allows you to watch the videos anytime according to your schedule. 

And after completing the course, you can get your shareable certificate.   

English Grammar & Essay Writing (University of California, Berkeley

The course is mainly for you if you want to improve your business and academic writing skills. So, it means it covers almost all aspects of writing, but it is more specific for those types of writing. Some things you will learn are expanding your vocabulary, avoiding typos and grammatical errors, and proofreading and editing essays. 

The course materials are in the form of old books and prerecorded videos. And there are also assignments to track your progress. 

The course is a 5 hours weekly course that will last for five months. It is a free course, except you will have to pay for the certificate.

Certainly, if you are ready to pay someone to write your essay you can address professional academic writers online.

AP* English Language and Composition Exam (Tennessee Board of Regents)

This course focuses on producing skilled and professional writers and readers. It teaches how to write different forms, including analytical, persuasive, and argumentative essays. 

And it does not stop at that; it also teaches how you can carefully analyze and evaluate the different sources you want to get content from. 

Also, the course was created to help students prepare for the AP* English Composition exam. But the content there is suitable for use beyond the exams. 

Write 101x: English Grammar and Style  (University of Queensland)

The Write 101x course is packed and teaches almost all aspects of the writing style. It teaches the usage of words, sentences, and paragraphs and how to write engaging and fluff-free content. It also teaches grammatical principles and some other essential writing principles. 

The course gives expert materials and conducts regular tests to track your ability and improve your writing progress. At the end of the course, you can differentiate between the different writing styles and other vital information about writing composition. 

Things to Look Out for In An Online Writing Course

Even though the top 5 online writing courses have been mentioned, other suitable writing classes can improve your writing skills. Here are things to look out for in an online writing course.

Course outline

You can guess a lot about the course from the course outline. Check if the heading and subheadings will provide value and if they are what you need. Sometimes, a course might be too advanced or simple for your present writing skill. So, ensure it fits your needs. 


Generally, this is a good way to know about a product or setting. Check out what others have to say about the course, and look at its rating and written reviews. People are often honest, so you can guess what to expect if you take the course. 


There are a few reputable tutors in the field. And you can search for them and their courses because you are assured that you will get your money and time’s worth. Then a good tutor will have a couple of publications in their name that show the practical aspect of what they teach. Once you discover their publications, read thoroughly to be sure you are interested. 

Assignments and projects

A good writing course does not stop at teaching you the theory of good writing; it also ensures you put the principles into practice. And you can show the practical aspect through the different assignments and projects you receive in a class or during a session. 

Practical writing tips

The course will not only focus on what to write but also on incorporating good writing habits into your daily life and other few tips here and there. This is why assignments and projects are also important. 

You can also look out for courses that promise a writing community afterward. And if you see additional benefits that will help your writing career like newsletter updates, career opportunities, and the like. Do not miss out on them.  

In conclusion, there are many online writing courses out there that promise to turn you into Shakespeare and other skilled writers. However, remember that being a good writer does not end up only taking the best online writing courses. It goes along with writing and practicing daily to keep improving your ability.

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