soul joel’s comedy club and lounge

The Comedy Club and Lounge at The Souljoel is a fun place to be if you are looking to have fun in a fun, creative way.

I have a friend who lives in Chicago, so I have a lot of fun at Souljoel. I’m not the biggest fan of the lounge but I think it’s great for a little place with a lot of things to do. The menu is very simple but the prices are really solid. The drinks are delicious and the drinks are great. The bar is open from 2:30-3:30 AM.

Souljoel also has a few other locations in its portfolio that are similar to this lounge’s. Souljoel is a place for any and all types of entertainment. People of all ages, shapes, and sizes are welcome at Souljoel.

Souljoel is a very well-rounded lounge. If you want some good live music, Souljoel has it. If you want some good comedy, Souljoel has it. If you want some great dancing, Souljoel has it. And if you want to be cool and social, Souljoel has it. The lounge has been around since 1998.

Souljoel has been around since 1998. Souljoel is an extremely fun-loving place for all kinds of parties and events. It’s a place you can go to on a Friday night and you can go to on a Saturday night and you can go to on a Sunday night and you can go to on a Monday night. In fact, Souljoel is so diverse, it’s hard to find a place that’s not in one of these locations.

Souljoel has been around for a while. I think its actually been around since the late 80s. Souljoel has been around since the late 80s. Souljoel is a place for all sorts of different socializing because of the way it is set up (there are three different levels, each with different types of music, a private lounge, and a private lounge with TVs).

It’s funny because Souljoel was the first place I saw for a while that my friend was actually not able to go to Souljoel’s but had to stay in there. I think its a great place for a couple of things: a party like that is great for a social gathering, and it’s also cool for fun-filled parties.

Souljoel is a place of socializing called a ‘home’ where people, like the main character, are not supposed to be present in the public. This is because the main character is too busy to be able to socialize and be alone. However, even this is a little bit of a social networking strategy, so its easy to forget about it.

Souljoel is a home where you can socialize, so you can socialize with the main character. The main character is his friend Joe. This socializing is a very similar thing to how a social networking site works, where people send messages to each other, and those messages are then stored in a database and shared with other people. Some friends can talk to each other about how they feel, and others can send them updates about what they’re doing in their lives.

Souljoel is very much a social network, in that you can talk to other people and get updates about your life. It is not, however, a social club, in that you are not allowed to drink, smoke, or eat food.

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