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It has been a while since I have spoken English on this website, but I do hope that by sharing my efforts here that someone who hasn’t been living in Germany can find something to eat here, too. I have been living in Germany for a number of years now, and German food is always a big topic in my mind. It is great having friends from the States, and I am definitely learning a lot about the country through their recipes.

I have been meaning to write a cookbook for some time now, but the fact that I have yet to put one together and actually cook one is a big disappointment. But hey, if you like good food, I am sure you will enjoy this.

The last few months have been a bit on the quiet side for me with regards to food. I have been trying to keep myself busy with my new job, and that has been great, but I haven’t had the chance to really cook much. My wife and I have been trying to pick up some recipes in an effort to cook more, but we just can’t seem to get enough veggies and meat. So I decided it was time for a cookbook of my own.

I am a self-proclaimed meat lover. I love steak, chicken, and pork. I think there is such a thing as a “meaty” person in this world, if you know what I mean. I could go on and on about me, but you get the idea.

My wife is not a vegetarian, but she is a meat-lover. She loves steak, chicken, and pork, but meat is her favorite. She is not one to go around making a meatless meal for everyone, but she was very excited to have that opportunity, so we were able to try out some recipes.

First up, a steak dinner. We had the steak-and-prime rib combo. It was tasty, but I think it was overcooked. It was so meaty. I know I should have grilled it, but I’m a little lazy.

The next recipe was the veal chops. If you take a look at the recipe, you will see that the recipe calls for a boneless, skinless, breast cut of veal. So I used the veal chops, which are a little more flavorful. I think I gave it a bit too much of a meaty flavor, but, again, I’m lazy. They were a little crunchy on the side.

You might be thinking that I should have grilled them, but the truth is that I probably should have let my mom make the meatless veal chops. She makes killer pork chops, but she also cooks my meatless veal chops. When you use a recipe in your new recipe booklet, you have to follow it exactly. For example, when you make sauteed vegetables, you don’t have to go back and change those ingredients.

The recipe booklet is an important tool for new cooks. It gives you a quick reference for creating a dish that works for you. It also allows you to modify recipes to your own tastes and preferences. In that vein, our new Salud en Ingles booklet is perfect for the new cook. It has a large section on veggies, proteins, and soups, plus a section on meats which includes chicken, beef, and pork. I also love the section on vegetarian dishes.

Just as important, though, is that the booklet includes a ton of recipes that are easy to make and are easy to use. For example, we have a recipe for the “Stovetop Vegetable Tortilla Soup” that looks like the most delicious soup ever. Here’s our recipe in English.

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