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Michael Anthony Photography is the name of the group of photographers that we use for our photography projects. We were founded in 2008 and work on a variety of projects with photographers all over the world and provide the majority of our photography services to the public.

The Michael Anthony Photography group is comprised of professional photographers in the U.S., England, Africa, Asia, and Australia. Our photography services include corporate, architectural, editorial, and commercial photography.

We have a couple of short, medium-long videos that we’ve been working on over the last couple of years. They’re available in over 200 different formats, and they’re also available for free at www.michaelanthonyphotography.com. We also have a gallery of our work.

All that and more from michael anthony photography.

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We’ve been in the same area of horror since the late 90’s, but those days are over now. I’ve seen a few horror movies (including the one where Jason has his skull knocked out with a stick) but they’ve been as scary as anything else. These days, there are only a few horror movies that have been as scary as they are not as terrifying as some of the others.

Zombies are a real thing in real life and they are not something to be scared of. In fact, they are the one thing that can make you turn away from your own work. Its the way to make you not be afraid of what you are, because that’s how you want the audience to be afraid of what you are.

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