funny kiss meme

The funny kiss meme is a meme that I really like. It is a way of taking the idea of a kiss or a kiss meme and replacing it with the idea of a humorous kiss, and then making it very funny. The idea is to take the silliness of a kiss and make it very funny, and then let the joke take over the kiss.

This meme is pretty simple, but it’s a good way of getting people to laugh, or at the very least, smile.

The meme’s creator, Mr. B, is another guy with a sense of humor. He makes jokes all the time, and when he makes people laugh, he makes them laugh hard. He makes people laugh when they laugh at him. He’s a good meme maker, and it’s actually pretty fun to get people to take a joke, and laugh at it.

And its a good way of getting people to smile, and laugh at the silliness of the kiss, or joke, or whatever.

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