do diesel trucks have spark plugs

This is a great question. I have a friend who has a diesel truck and she has a question: do diesel trucks have spark plugs? She says that she doesn’t know, but she did notice when she was driving a truck in the past that there were spark plugs.

While this might not be something you’d ever hear in a video game, it’s a common sight in the real world. A spark plug is a small electric spark plug that plugs into the engine to spark it when you start the truck. This is the power that propels the truck, as well as the main source of power for the engine. Diesel trucks have a lot less power than petrol ones, because of the engine going down to liquid fuel, but they have a lot of spark plugs.

To drive a diesel truck, you need a lot more power. The reason is that the engine is powered by diesel fuel, which is a liquid fuel. It is a liquid fuel because it is not a gas, which would be a liquid that would become a gas when it is burned. When a gas engine burns, it produces carbon dioxide and this is what is produced when there’s a spark. This all happens in the combustion section of the engine.

The spark plugs, or spark discharge tubes, are the little tubes that are used to ignite the fuel in the combustion chamber. Diesel trucks use a similar type of tube to ignite the fuel, but they are much smaller.

Diesel trucks use diesel fuel, or diesel oil if you want to keep it technical, as a fuel source, rather than gasoline, which is a liquid fuel. The idea is that the bigger the engine, the more fuel it can consume and the more power it can produce. Diesel engines only burn the diesel fuel, but the combustion is still a gas, with no carbon dioxide.

The diesel engine is the same as the gasoline engine, but diesel engines have a much lower carbon emission, and the diesel engine is lighter.

This is a good point. Diesel engines are much more efficient than gasoline engines, and that’s why diesel trucks should be preferred when it comes to fuel consumption. The diesel trucks you see on the road today, though, are diesel trucks that burn diesel fuel.

Diesel engines are a much better choice for driving over long distances because they have a much lower fuel consumption per mile. Diesel engines also make less noise, which also means they are quieter when you’re in a traffic jam.

Diesel engines also have less noise because they don’t work as efficiently as gasoline engines. For this reason, diesel engines tend to be used for buses, instead of trucks. The reason for this is that diesel engines are prone to leaks, meaning that they have less warranty time before they fail. Diesel trucks are less prone to leaks because they are less likely to run over people.

It seems like a big no-no to say that diesel trucks have spark plugs, but it’s true in a few cases. The most common scenario is the truck breaking down on the highway and the driver not coming to the rescue. The best way to deal with this is to add a manual transmission to your vehicle. The manual transmission eliminates any chance of this happening.

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