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Awaendaw sc real estate is a podcast about real estate that gives you a different perspective on the world of real estate. You’ll get to hear from real estate professionals and investors about the issues that affect them and their clients’ lives while learning valuable real estate lessons. Listen to these episodes each week, and you’ll become an educated real estate investor. You will learn about the industry, the industry’s challenges, and the industry’s solutions.

You’ll also get to hear from real estate agents and a couple of real estate investors how they are using Awaendaw sc real estate to grow and manage their properties. It’s also my pleasure to introduce you to the host of the show, Chris “Chris” O’Connor, who has been in the Real Estate business for over thirty years.

Its time to put you on the real estate investing course because its time to learn about the real estate industry. In this episode we take you through lessons that you can implement into your real estate investing journey. The first lesson we cover is how to find a buyer. The real estate industry is extremely risky. Real estate agents, investors and buyers have all of the odds stacked against them in this industry.

The first step to a successful real estate investment is to find a buyer. This is done by asking people you know who you think might be interested in buying a property. By asking people you know, you can find out who you are dealing with, and what exactly you’re up against. This is not to say that you will always have a buyer in mind, but by being open about your intentions you can find out if the prospective buyer is the right fit for your property.

Once you have a buyer, it’s time to act. This is done by pitching your property to a real estate agent and then doing a little bit of research on your property before even discussing it with the prospective buyer. This is important because the agent will represent you at the closing table, and will likely want to see all the photos and paperwork. You have to know what youre selling, and that you’re selling it right.

Yes, in most real estate transactions, you have to have a lot of info. Most of which you will see online, but the agent will likely ask you for some of your information in order to make certain that your property is the right fit. If you don’t know what youre selling, the price youre asking for can’t be correct, or you don’t know what the real estate market will be like when the sale ends.

With a lot of real estate deals, the sale is over before you know it. It may be your first real estate deal, or it may be a last chance to save it before you get into foreclosure. Either way your house is not for sale. You have to know exactly what you’re selling so that you can be sure you’re getting the best price possible.

The biggest mistake buyers can make is to think that they are only going to buy a house for about $120,000. $120,000 is not a lot of money in real estate land. It wont take long for a buyer to realize this and go over that amount. The majority of buyers wont be able to find a house that is even close to that price. So to be really accurate, you have to make sure that you are asking the right amount.

The key to knowing how much you are asking is to check it against what you should be asking. For example, if you are asking for a house for about $120,000, if you look at the asking price of this house, it is actually closer to $140,000. The reason is that the asking price of the house is the exact amount you are asking for. This will help you know how much you should be asking for.

This is also important because the asking price of this house is less than what you can find in the real estate market. Remember that real estate is not an average but a number. If you are paying more than the asking price, you are paying more than you can actually find for your house. This is what is known as a “hidden” real estate price. So if you want to know if you are being overcharged, look at how much you should be paying for your house.

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