40 5 simplified

So what does this mean? It means that you should start simple, but add more detail.

You probably already know this, but it’s something that can be seen here by looking at the infographic above. The 40 5 tip is a simple formula you can use to help you reduce the amount of information you need to explain your business or product.

So when do we start this? Well when it comes to starting a business, what with all the paperwork, bills and so on, the first thing we want to do is define our scope. We want to be as specific as possible. So if you’re running a business, start by defining what you want to accomplish and then build on that.

Many business owners are good at giving a broad picture of their business and they don’t want to be too specific. When we talk about businesses, we always include things like services, finances, and the like, but we don’t want to give too much detail.

We often think that giving too much detail can be a hindrance in our work because it can make it too hard for others to understand what we are doing. But actually, giving too many details is what makes good entrepreneurs so successful. It makes them good at problem solving.

The reason? In business, you need to be able to give an overview of your business’ services, finances, and so on. If you don’t, then a potential business owner may not be able to tell that you have a personal assistant, a stock broker’s office, or a mortgage broker’s office in your business. What is important though is that you are willing to give information which would be helpful for someone else to understand your business better.

In business you usually have to have a good point of contact, so it makes sense that you would give your personal assistant info that would be useful to other people. Because you’re good at problem solving, you’ll figure out what you can give your assistants which will make them better. It’s important that your assistants should be able to understand your business but it’s also important that they shouldn’t be able to get their own way.

In business, you are probably using 40 5 by now, so youll need to rethink your point of contact. If youre the manager of a family farm, why would you need a babysitter? If youre the CEO of a big company, youd need a secretary.

Its a little like the classic game of rock paper scissors. The more you know about a person’s personality, the easier it is to figure out what they can do which makes them better. I know that most people are too busy trying to fix their problems to focus on what they can do, but if you’re an introvert, you can still learn what you can do.

Sure, it sounds like a classic rock paper scissors game, but there is another way to do it, and that is to take the focus off your own problems and put it on the person’s problems. For example, let’s say youre in a job that you hate, and you have a friend (who is also in a job you hate). You can have a real conversation with your friend and see if you can find a way to make your job more enjoyable.

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